Compostable Plant-Based Drinking Straws - Assorted Colors

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Reduce your carbon footprint and plastic waste, without soggy paper straws! Our 300 pack of biodegradable straws is made from corn, and breaks down over time, unlike plastic.


✔ BIODEGRADABLE & PLASTIC FREE - Our straws are made from a biodegradable plant-based material derived from corn starch, which is biodegradable and BPA free! Ideal for plastic-ban areas and those looking to reduce environmental impact.

✔ WON'T GET SOGGY - Unlike paper straws which get soggy and break down in beverages, these disposable straws looks and feel like regular plastic straws - they don't dissolve or get soggy, even with hot liquids, so you can enjoy!

✔ LONGER SIZED TO FIT MOST SMOOTHIE TYPE DRINKS - Measuring at 8mm x 250mm (.3 x 9.8"), these eco-friendly wide straws fit most smoothie sized cups and glasses.

✔ USE FOR BUSINESS OR AT HOME - This bulk pack of 300 large straws is perfect for serving at events, businesses, or just for personal use! These are especially ideal in places/events regulations against plastic straw use.

✔ COMPOSTABLE & ECOFRIENDLY - While sturdy and long-lasting, our plant-based straws are designed to break down over months - unlike plastic which takes hundreds of years to break down! Reduce your carbon footprint and replace plastic straws today!

Perfect for serving beverages at a business, fundraiser, event, or just for home use, we've designed these to stay strong and sturdy - unlike paper straws that get mushy within minutes! Our straws feel and look like plastic straws - but will break down in a landfill over a few months instead of centuries.

These straws are also fantastic for regions and events where plastic straws are banned. Measuring 8mm by 250mm, they are longer sized to fit most types of cups and drinks. Look no further for the perfect straws - purchase today!

Note: Not recommended for use with hot beverages