Changeable Letter Board - 20" x 20"

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  • With this much larger 20 x 20" letterboard, you'll be able to write what you like. With 19 lines by approx. 20 characters (depends on which characters), there's plenty of room for anything you'll need.
  • This board is made with superior construction, nice oak frame. Jet black felt with white Helvetica letters that stand out nicely.
  • Use as a directory board, display menus or Today's Special, business announcements and signs, baby announcements, milestones, inspirational quotes, etc. Perfect for business, school, church or anywhere.
  • Two brass sawtooth frame hooks are mounted on the frame, so you can just hang it right up.
  • Includes board and 350 1" Helvetica characters in a cloth drawstring pouch. The board weighs 4.9 lbs.