10 Pocket Wrench Roll Up Tool Bag, 1-Pack

The heavy duty material won't retain moisture. It's the perfect organizer for keeping in your car or motorcycle, so you'll have a set on hand when needed. The unfolded size of the pouch is 18" x 13". The pockets vary in width from 2 3/4" to 1" to allow you to store a wide variety of tools. (tools are not included)
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  • Small orgainizer has ten pockets to hold wrenches and other hand tools
  • Fold-over flap keeps your tools in place, so you won't misplace them
  • Strap with large, secure clip holds tools securely in the pouch without tying and untying cords
  • Heavy duty material won't retain moisture as canvas does, so it'll last
  • This roll up tool bag is perfect for keeping a set of tools in your car, motorcycle or toolbox